No hotel in the world has as many stars as our bubble

20m² Bubble

In our bubble hotel the important thing is not the interior, but what surrounds us. The ceiling is transparent, turning every night into a show. The double bed has a high-end mattress from Marmota.

Air conditioning & heating

The bubbles are equipped with an air conditioning system to generate enough heat in the middle of winter, or to be able to cool the atmosphere in summer. Our bubble hotel is a good choice all year round.

Dry bath inside the bubble

There is no running water in the bubbles, but they have a chemical bath and a tank with 5L of water for personal hygiene. At our bubble hotel we do not offer single-use plastics at any time.

Bubble / Bath

All the rooms include a session in another bubble that inside has a bathtub to relax looking at the sky or the nature that surrounds us. It is reserved by intervals at the hotel check-in.

Private space

To ensure that the experience of sleeping in a bubble is intimate, the bubbles are surrounded by a private space - a unique and different space for each of them, to enjoy nature.


All the bubbles have a state-of-the-art telescope to be able to observe the Moon and the stars at night. We will send you an explanation of how it works in a video so that everything goes perfectly.



Located at the gates of the Principality, Nomading Camp Andorra is a unique bubble hotel in the area. A different accommodation that will allow you to enjoy nature and sleep under the stars, with the comfort of having all the services of Andorra just a few minutes away.


Nomading Camp Ronda offers everyone a brutal experience under the sky in a more than privileged environment. Enjoy a unique stay and experience the leisure that the province of Malaga provides while you stay in an incredible bubble hotel.


At our bubble hotel in Alicante, you will have all the comfort of luxury accommodation with the characteristics of a hotel in the middle of nature. If you are looking for a bubble hotel, Alicante offers you an unbeatable option thanks to Nomading. 

Enjoy the experience of sleeping under the stars in a bubble hotel. At Nomading Camp, you’ll be able to sleep in a bubble surrounded by a unique environment where nature has a starring role.

Be captivated by the panoramic views of the stars from your bed. If sleeping outside seems like a good plan… just imagine what will sleeping in a bubble in a controlled temperature and on a viscoelastic mattress will be like!

Our bubble hotel offers you every comfort so that you can enjoy a dream stay. Each bubble is inside an area enclosed with fences to ensure the privacy of our customers, and they all have a private garden with a table to enjoy an alfresco dinner. Nomading Camp offers you a unique experience in a bubble hotel.