Welcome to Nomad life

In a landscape where nature reigns supreme, we came up with a new idea for glamping. The rooms, which are bubbles, are designed with the idea of enjoying what is most important, our surroundings. One of the many joys of an experience with us is our 100% committment to the environment. Our accomodation is of course dog-friendly as we do not want anyone to miss out. This is an experience for the nomads of the twenty-first century, tireless travellersn who seek new experiences.

Nomad {‘no-mað}

/ˈnəʊmad/ noun – A member of a group of people who move from one place to another rather than living in one place all of the time. This is the type of person that we want to attract, restless individuals who are keen to live different experiences.

Glamping { glam ‘piŋg }

/ˈɡlæm.pɪŋ/ noun – Growing global phenomenon that combines the experience of camping out in the open with the luxury and conditions of the best hotels. We indentify with this philosophy, to live an experience in a natural environment with every comfort imaginable.

Bubble { ˈbʌ-b.əl }

/ˈbʌb.əl/ noun – Portion of air or other gas wrapped in a thin film of liquid. These are our rooms, air covered by a thin transparent layer so that you can enjoy what is most important: your surroundings.

Environment { ɪn-ˈvaɪ.-rən.-mənt}

/ɪnˈvaɪ.rən.mənt/ noun – A set of physical and biological facros that surround living organisms and influence their development. We champion the environment because this is where we live. You won’t find any single use plastics here.

Dog Friendly { dɒg ˈfrɛn-dli }

/ˌpetˈfrend.li/ adjective – Used to describe a place that is suitable for pets or where you can stay with your pet Why? Because we believe that going on vacation is for the whole family.

Nature {ˈneɪ.-tʃər }

/ˈneɪ.tʃər/ noun – A set of things that exist in the world or that are produced or modified without human intervention We designed our rooms to capture the beauty of nature from inside them.