Frequent questions

Do the bubbles come with a bath?

Each bubble comes with its own water-point above a bathroom cabinet and porcelain sink to wash your hands, brush your teath or clean yourself. They also come with a chemical toilet.
The bubbles do not have showers, but each room comes with the chance to enjoy our bubble/bath in private and bathe whilst looking at the stars and nature.

Can we go as a family to live the experience?

Nomading was not solely designed with the idea to be a romantic getaway for couples. Coming with the whole family can of course be a very rewarding experience, especially for the little ones of the house.
If you want to spend a different vacation, Nomading is your perfect weekend getaway. It is much more than a different hotel with charm, it is an experience out of the ordinary. And in an unbeatable tourist environment.

Can you gift the Nomading experience?

Of course, there’s no better present than spending the night in a bubble. Sleeping under a blanket of a thousand stars is a very original gift for your partner or family and will not disappoint anyone.
Giving the gift of a night in a bubble is also a great idea for wedding presents, anniversaries or Valentine’s getaways. We can customise your gift to make it even more special. Get in touch with us if this option is of interest to you.