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Nomading Camp is a unique bubble hotel where you can sleep under the stars with the comfort and services of a luxury hotel. Enjoy an unbeatable stay in any of our locations or give a different experience in the middle of nature.



Located at the gates of the Principality, Nomading Camp Andorra is a unique bubble hotel in the area. A different accommodation that will allow you to enjoy nature and sleep under the stars, with the comfort of having all the services of Andorra just a few minutes away.


Nomading Camp Ronda offers everyone a brutal experience under the sky in a more than privileged environment. Enjoy a unique stay and experience the leisure that the province of Malaga provides while you stay in an incredible bubble hotel.


At our bubble hotel in Alicante, you will have all the comfort of luxury accommodation with the characteristics of a hotel in the middle of nature. If you are looking for a bubble hotel, Alicante offers you an unbeatable option thanks to Nomading. 


Nomading Camp is the ideal option if you are looking for a unique and unforgettable getaway. Our bubble hotel in Navarra, located next to the iconic town of Puente de la Reina, is an original type of accommodation, where each room is a transparent bubble containing all the comforts for a perfect stay.

Flexibility: We will move all reservations that are canceled due to restrictions on general mobility.

Security measures: Query here.